What Is A Good Gift for A Blind Person?

Usually, it isn’t easy to choose a gift for anybody. You have to grapple with the question of whether they will like it or not. It would help if you also considered whether the gift is appropriate for them or not.

When you want to get a good gift for a blind person, the ideas decrease significantly. Anything visual is out of the way. And if you’re going to get something with text, it has to come with braille for them to understand.

Either way, if you know a blind person, getting them a heartfelt gift will go a long way into making them feel appreciated.

So, are you lost on what you can get your blind friend or family as a gift? Here’s a list of some thoughtful ideas to make the decision less challenging.

1. A guide dog

Isn’t a dog man’s best friend?

For a blind person, a well-trained dog is not just a companion. The dog can be useful in helping the person with their daily activities.

A well-trained guide dog will help your blind friend navigate through obstacles. Thus, they enhance their mobility.

Apart from kicking away the loneliness, guide dogs also boost the person’s confidence. They do not have to walk around with a walking stick that’ll draw attention to them wherever they go.

A well-trained guide dog also boosts interaction with other people. People are naturally happy to interact with dog handlers.

2. A talking watch


As human beings, we live on a schedule to beat deadlines and accomplish certain matters. You keep on checking your watch or phone to know what time it is. This helps you to keep track of your schedule and accomplishments.

What about a blind person? How do they maintain a schedule when they cannot look at a watch to know the time?

A talking watch will come in handy. You can buy them a talking watch with a battery saver, so it doesn’t run low quickly and switch off.

Also, you can set the alarm on the clock to remind them of the time after an hour or two.

3. Smart speakers


Nowadays, almost everything in the house has gone smart. Today, you can have devices that you command in the home using your voice. The devices make our life easier and more comfortable.

Such devices will come in handy for a blind person. With a smart speaker, the person will be able to control devices in their house without operating them.

For instance, you can have a smart vacuum speaker, smart locks, talking microwave, etc. Have them connected to the smart speakers, so they only need to speak commands to execute them.

4. Motion detecting system

A blind person is more at risk than any other person.

For instance, they may not know when a person enters their home or not. Also, while walking around, they may not know when they are about to bump into somebody or a moving object.

As such, getting them a motion detector as a gift goes a long way. They can carry the motion detector receiver around so that they can receive notifications.

5. An iPhone

Who wouldn’t love an iPhone?

The gadgets are luxurious, and their advanced technology makes everyday life much more comfortable.

But for a blind person, an iPhone is not only a luxury. Instead, the technology it offers can be lifesaving.

Thus, it makes an excellent gift for a blind person.

For instance, an iPhone comes with a screen reader that helps you to know what is on the screen.

You can also use Siri, which is an inbuilt voice assistant, to operate the phone. The voice assistant will help in making calls, sending messages, etc.

6. Trackers

Who doesn’t feel frustrated when they misplace items in the house? Keys, wallets, and phones are some of the most commonly lost items.

Imagine how it would be for a blind person. It can be quite a challenge trying to track the items.

Luckily, you can get the item trackers in the house. Some of the trackers will make a beeping sound to make it easy for a blind person to locate them.

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6. Board games

Board games have always been excellent gift choices for anyone. But what about a blind person who cannot see what is on the chessboard?

Thankfully, several games are now available for blind people to use. The games range from classic chess games to modern computer games.

These board games will serve as an excellent icebreaker whenever they have their friends around.

7. Talking microwave

A talking microwave is an excellent gift for your blind friend or family. It will make it easier for him/her to warm his food.

The microwave will remind him to attend to the food and even inform him of the power level.

You can adjust the volume of the talking microwave according to your preference.

You shouldn’t feel lost when you want to get a gift for your blind friend. There are lots of gift options available to choose from. The best gift would be one that will make it easy to run their daily activities. Also, be sure to get something that will last long before it needs replacement or repair.


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