What Is A Good Gift for An Eagle Scout?

Who is an eagle scout?

What is a good gift for an eagle scout?

An eagle scout is the highest rank that you can get in the scouts. The rank does not just come about. It takes years of hard work and dedication before you can get it.

Is your son getting the honour of an eagle scout?

If yes, it is only fair that you celebrate with them the honour and determination. The best thing is being there with them when they are receiving the honour.

Additionally, you can get them a gift to celebrate the achievement.

But what do you get them as a gift?

If you are looking for a gift for an eagle scout, we got your back. Here, we have a list of gift ideas that you can use.

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1. An eagle scout’s hoodie

Does your son love hoodies?

How about you get them one with an eagle scout’s logo?

Everybody likes it when they have achieved something. We want the world to know that we were there, worked hard, and achieved.

Therefore, getting that boy a hoodie with an eagle scouts’ logo on it helps him to show off his achievements.

2. A customised art print

Becoming an eagle scout is no mean achievement. A lot of dedication and sacrifice has been put into it.

In American history, eagle scouts have risen to become role models in different fields. They have become reputable businessmen, politicians, soldiers and so on.

Thus, a personalised art gift will make an excellent gift of celebrating the achievement.

The art print can include the journey from when the boy joined scouts to now that he is an eagle scout. Please include all the other medals and awards that he has gotten on the way.

The art print can include his name and all the other accomplishments that make a memorable tribute.

3. A multitool

Eagle scouts are tough, creative and innovative. They have undergone extensive training on how to deal with different issues in life.

They like fixing things and solving problems.

As such, a multitool would come in handy to help them feel more confident. The multitools are designed to handle jobs in all situations.

They are tough, durable, and easy for the boy to handle.

You can get a multitool of any size to match the size of the eagle scout.

4. Compass


Let the eagle scout feel like one.

There is no better way of doing so than getting them a compass.

There are varieties of compasses in the market, ranging from basic to sophisticated ones. A basic compass should be waterproof and have fluorescent light to allow for navigation in low light.

The compass will come in handy for the eagle scout when they go out hiking and other scout escapades.

5. Eagle scout collectables

Are you looking for a personal gift to give an eagle scout?

You can consider an eagle scout collectable.

You can get a collection of scout templates and photos and frame them. To make it more personal, you can include a personalized message on the gift.

6. A gift set

A gift set is also an excellent gift idea for your eagle scout. The gift set can include presents with a scouts theme.

These can include a customised pen-knife, badges, scout logo, compass, among others.

Your boy will surely appreciate such a gift on their graduation.

7. A customised mug

Does your eagle scout enjoy taking tea?

Why should he drink with an ordinary mug while it is cooler to use a customised one?

You can gift your eagle scout a customised mug with an image of an eagle on it.

As they enjoy their beverage, the mug will remind them of their achievements.

8. An eagle wallet

Men love their accessories.

The more customised and personalised they are, the better the feeling.

As a sign of celebrating their achievements, you can get your man a wallet. A leather wallet with an image of an eagle on it will work better.

Every time they carry their wallet, it will be a reminder of the accomplishment of becoming an eagle scout.

9. An eagle walking stick

Attaining the title of an eagle scout is not the end of life.

The eagle scout must prepare for the bigger task ahead of being a role model and accomplishing bigger things.

You can, therefore, get them a gift that will encourage them to work harder and be more determined.

An eagle walking stick is an excellent gift for such a task. It shows the eagle a scout that the journey ahead is not an easy one. Nevertheless, they need to stay focused and continue moving, no matter how hard it is.

10. A pair of binoculars

a pair of binoculars

Scouts engage in a lot of outdoor activities, including hiking.

A pair of high-quality binoculars would, therefore, make an excellent gift for an eagle scout. The binoculars will help them to cover more ground and focus during their outdoor activities.

Becoming an eagle scout is an accomplishment that deserves celebration. It comes after a lot of determination and hard work. Above is a list of gifts you can consider for an eagle scout.


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