Is Cologne A Good Gift For A Boyfriend?

If you think getting a gift for a lady is a tough ride (here is our last article on that), try getting one for a man. The more you try to think of an excellent gift that will not end up on the shelves, the more you are left with fewer options.

People will advise you to think outside the box when you want to get a gift for a man. What if there are no options left outside the box? For instance, you may get creative and decide to get your boyfriend a cologne. But, is cologne a good gift for a boyfriend?

Will he love it? Or, will he take it as a rude way of telling him that his body stinks?

So, is cologne a good gift for a boyfriend?

You can get your man cologne as a gift. But you should NEVER get a deodorant as a gift for a man. Probably you are asking, what’s the difference between the two?

Cologne is used to add a sweet or pleasant scent while a deodorant is used to get rid of or cover up an unpleasant smell.

Cologne as a gift for a boyfriend

The guy is already using it

Cologne is an excellent gift for a boyfriend in some instances. These include:

1. The guy is already using it

For some men, smelling nice is a plus. It gives them confidence that you won’t turn the other side when they hug you. As such, some men willingly use colognes. The only difference would come in the strength of the scent, whether it is mild or strong.

If by the time you get to know your boyfriend, he already uses some cologne, then you are safe getting him one as a gift.

Do you know his favorite scent? If you do, then you can get it for him.

Perhaps you can time when you know his cologne is used up. Instead of him making a purchase, you can get it for him. It will be a nice gesture to show that you care.

2. He wants to upgrade

So your boyfriend has been using this particular cologne for a long time. But now he wants an upgrade to a more sophisticated cologne with a sweeter scent. Something has been holding him from upgrading to a cologne of choice.

Maybe he doesn’t have the cash at the moment. Or he has been so caught up by time to even make a purchase.

Thus, a cologne would make an excellent gift at such a time. Surprise him by getting him that dream cologne he has been dying to have.

3. He’s indecisive

Some men don’t have a problem wearing cologne. They feel it would be a worthy addition to their wardrobe.

However, some are not even sure what scent they want.

If you have such a boyfriend, then you can step in the gap. Choose a cologne for him that you think would fit his preference. In such a situation, a cologne would make an excellent gift for your boyfriend.

Pros of getting a cologne as a gift for your boyfriend

  • Nobody likes smelling sweat. Not certainly your man. Everybody, including your boyfriend, loves it when they walk around confidently with a sweet scent.

Thus, cologne is an excellent gift as it gives him the confidence he wants to move around.

  • All a man wants is to be loved and respected. It isn’t easy to get a gift for a man to show him that you love him. Men rarely equate gifts to show love and affection. As such, the best thing you can do when getting a man’s gift is to get one that will prove you are concerned with his life.

Thus, you can never go wrong with cologne if he likes it.

  • Colognes are available in a large variety of scents and designs. Thus, you have more than enough options to choose from.


  • Mostly, nice colognes cost a lot. Therefore, it will cost you a lot of money to get excellent cologne for your man.
  • Cologne as a gift can backfire on you if it is misinterpreted. A man can misinterpret as a rude way of telling him he doesn’t smell nice.


designer shoes

  • If you are not sure about getting cologne for him, consider getting him some designer shoes. If your man dresses up for meetings, a pair of official designer shoes will be a welcome idea.
  • A wristwatch is also a perfect gift idea for any man.

If you are sure about it, cologne is an excellent idea to give to your boyfriend. It shows that you care and have him on your mind. It shows that you’re thinking about him.