What Is A Good Sympathy Gift For A Man?

Why is it so difficult to buy gifts for men?

It feels satisfying when you put a smile on someone’s face, doesn’t it? But when you want to gift a man to make them feel better, it becomes difficult.

What’s a good sympathy gift for a man?

It gets harder if the man has lost a loved one or is going through a hard time. Giving him a gift is a proper way of showing them you care, and you sympathise with their situation.

Here, we have a list of sympathy gifts that you can buy a man.

Note, you should give a lot of thought to the gift so that it won’t be misunderstood as insensitive.

What should you consider while buying a sympathy gift for a man?

For starters, you should consider the reason why the man is in grief. Is it the loss of a loved one? Has he and the wife lost a child they were expecting? Has he been diagnosed with a chronic disease?

Understanding the reason why the man is grieving helps you to sympathise with him. Thus, you can get the perfect gift for him.

Secondly, consider the type of man he is. Understanding his personality will also help you decide on a sympathy gift. How does he deal with grief? Does he like listening to music to forget the grief? Does he like working out in the gym to sweat the pain away?

If he likes listening to music to forget the pain, you can buy him some high-quality headphones.

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Suggestions for sympathy gifts for a man

1. A sympathy card

Most men do not like a lot of attention. They would, therefore, appreciate a gift that does not have a lot of fuss around it.

Thus, you can consider a sympathy card with a message that addresses the cause of grieving. Let them know that you understand their pain and are there for them, should they need anything.

2. A customised pocket token

A pocket token with a personalised message can be an excellent gift. If they have lost a loved one, you can put the photo and the name of the deceased on the pocket token. You can also include your message of condolence or the comforting words you need to tell the man.

The size of the pocket token allows for its portability. Therefore, they can easily carry it around for when they require some comfort.

3. A remembrance plaque or stone

You can gift the grieving man with a customised remembrance plaque or stone. Encrypting a personalised message makes the gift unique to the man.

The advantage of remembrance plaque and stones is that you can place them anywhere.

Therefore, the man can decide to put it in his office, car, bedroom, etc.

4. Personalised journal

Personalized Journal

Journaling is an effective way of releasing frustrations and feelings of grief.

If your man is feeling sad, gifting a journal may be beneficial. They will write down their frustrations and feelings, which helps in releasing the grief from the heart to the paper.

You can choose a colour that he loves for the cover. You can also include the names of their loved ones and significant dates.

5. Sympathy gift basket

It does not hurt to think outside the box. You can gift the grieving man with a sympathy basket that comes with essential commodities that he may require.

When one is grieving, they may not take a keen interest in their grooming and personal care. As such, a sympathy basket with essentials such as moisturisers, bites, etc., can come in handy. You can also include a self-help book that would assist them in grieving.

6. Memorial bracelet

Memorial Bracelet

A memorial bracelet can make the man feel loved and special during his grieving period. Many men do not have an issue wearing bracelets and carrying them around.

Thus, you can have one with a special message and words of comfort in the trying times they are going through.

7. Kindness

Sometimes, the best things to gift a grieving man cannot be bought. You cannot see or touch them, but they will touch their heart and accelerate their recovery.

As such, you can consider a kind gesture that will touch their heart. These may include:

  1. If you are a DIY kind of person and enjoy sewing, you can make him a customised product that he can use. You can make a scarf that can keep him warm, a carpet, etc.
  2. When one is sad, their appetite goes down, and they rarely eat. Why not offer to prepare him a delicious dish for his favourite meal?
  3. Create a memory book or a photo album of all the good times that he had with his loved ones.
  4. If you know his favourite music genre, you can create a playlist of his favourite songs.
  5. You can donate in his name or that of his departed loved one.

Whether you go for a gift or a kind gesture, the idea is to make the grieving man feel better. After all, it is the thought that will count. Ensure you understand the man and the situation he is going through to get him a perfect gift.

Also, it helps if you put the man’s personality in mind when choosing the ideal gift. Some may welcome a home-made meal, while others will feel that you are overstepping. It is also essential that you give them some space to heal first before offering them gifts.


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