What Is A Good Gift For Someone In A Nursing Home?

Seniors move into nursing homes either for medical reasons or to downsize. Either way, the move changes their lifestyle, limits their space, and, therefore, limits what you can gift them.

So, what is a good gift for someone in a nursing home? What can you do for them to ensure they feel you are still there for them?

The ideal gift would be your time. Even though fellow seniors surround them, it helps if they can feel your love every time you visit.

You may, however, want to gift them for their birthdays or any other special occasion. Finding the ideal gift is a challenge, and even if you ask them what they want, they’ll probably say nothing.

Well, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get them something special. Here are some gift ideas to make your loved one in a nursing home feel appreciated.

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What to consider when gifting someone in a nursing home

  • When people are in a nursing home, they live with other seniors. As such, they may not enjoy the luxury of space as they used to at home. As you get a gift, consider something that will not take so much space.
  • Gifts in a nursing home tend to get misplaced and lost a lot. Thus, expensive gifts make some seniors anxious as they are afraid of losing them. Please don’t get them something that will make them anxious.
  • The seniors also suffer from body discomforts and pain. Thus, you can consider a gift that will make them more comfortable or alleviate their pain.
  • Also, consider the personality of your loved one. Look for a gift that matches their personality.

Gift suggestions for someone in a nursing home

1. Time and attention

Those in a nursing home live away from their loved ones. They do not see their family and children regularly, and they have to live with other strangers.

They are, therefore, bound to feel lonely and sad.

Thus, the best gift you can give them is your time and attention. It would be best if you reassured them that they are not alone. They need to feel loved and have a sense of belonging.

Even before you buy them a gift, offer them your time and attention.

2. Blankets


Most often, people are in nursing homes because they are no longer as strong as before. Their metabolism may be slowing down, and they may be ailing from different diseases.

As such, their bodies may not generate enough heat to keep them warm.

Getting them a customized blanket will go a long way in keeping them warm. You can get a wearable blanket that they can use even when outside.

Also, you can go for a bright blanket with vibrant colours. The quilt will not only keep them warm but also brighten their mood.

3. Adaptive clothes

If your loved one has arthritis, they may have a problem putting on clothes or even buttoning up.
As such, it would be helpful if you got them adaptive clothing.

You can buy a pair of elastic waist pants. A pair of open side touch pants can also do.

If they are on a wheelchair, you can get them wheelchair pants that they can put on while sitting or lying down.

4. Air freshener or oil diffuser

Air Freshener

Nursing homes tend to have a distinct odour. The smell can be uncomfortable for some senior citizens and even cause them stress.

Why don’t you get them a freshener to make their room comfortable?

For some of them, they liked their room at home with a particular scent. Thus, you can get them an air freshener that resembles the smell at home.

5. Slippers and socks

As mentioned earlier, the bodies of the seniors are weak. Some barely have a challenge supporting themselves or keeping balance.

Therefore, it would be helpful if you got them a pair of slip-resistant slippers. The slippers have a good grip on the floor, which minimizes the possibility of slipping and falling.

Some comfortable shoes would also do the trick.

A pair of comfortable socks is also a welcome gift. The socks absorb sweat and also help to keep them warm.

6. Cosmetic set

Senior citizens in a nursing home still want to look good and beautiful. It would be best if you got them a cosmetics set. The cosmetics and toiletries will come in handy when the seniors cannot go out due to health issues.

If the senior is a man, you can get him shaving cream and a shaving machine. If it is a lady who loves make-up, you can get them a make-up kit. Besides, lotion, toothpaste, and other essential items would do for anyone.

7. Books

Some senior citizens cannot do away with their love for books. Additionally, there are not many activities in a nursing home. ‘

Thus, senior citizens have a lot of free time at their disposal. A book would, therefore, help to keep them busy. You can get them a colouring book or a large print book.

If they have issues with their sight, an audiobook will do.

If you are getting a gift for someone in a nursing home, make sure it makes them comfortable. It should meet their need to feel loved and appreciated. Ultimately, the best gift would be your time and attention. Therefore, ensure you visit the nursing home whenever you can.


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